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Hiding From the Nazis
This is a children's picture book. It gives a brief history of Lore Baer's parents, then follows her childhood against the backdrop of the Nazi's rise to power in Germany and then Holland (where the Baer's move early in the story). Lore's parents eventually send her to live with a non-Jewish farm family in Holland while they hide elsewhere for the duration of the war. Lore's adjustment to her new family and her experience hiding on the farm when Nazi sol...
Hilde and Eli - Children of the Holocaust
This book tells the stories of Hilde Rosenzweig and Eli Lax, two children growing up in Germany and Czechoslovakia respectively, and follows their early childhood while placing it in the historical context of the Nazi's rise to power. Both children are killed by the Nazis. Adler's text focuses on the children's history, and the history of the world surrounding them, and uses simple sentences. Karen Ritz's illustrations are in color, and graphic at times ...