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Warner, Feb 2002 23.95, 309 pp. ISBN 0446527971 George Daly considers himself a very lucky, happy and contented man married to the woman he loves and writing the kind of books that he enjoys. When his father dies, George goes to the nursing home to make funeral arrangements and, get rid of his father's belongings. He comes across a picture of himself between two adults he never seen before. His curiosity drives him to hire a private detective...
The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk (Science Fiction)
Charlie Monk is a highly skilled soldier carrying out assasinations and rescue missions for his employers until he finds out that he is a genetically modified chimpanzee altered to be the world's best soldier. Upon finding this out he plans to escape from those that created him, along with the scientist who, under duress, created his false upbringing....
The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk (Thriller/Action)
Warner, Mar 2003, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0446527963 Super agent Charlie Monk believes he works for an agency so stratospherically secret, the work force will not mention its name even in the most secure room. However, Charlie sometimes wonders who he really is. Though he performs perfectly when he works in the cold as a killing machine with no conscience completing his mission, Charlie has problems recalling mundane obvious details from his past....
The Man Who Turned Into Himself
The trauma of watching Richard's child die in a bizarre car crash leads to his co-habitation of his alternate-history dopleganger, Richard, where all his worst fears about his marriage and career seem to be the in this world. The secrets of his return to his orignal universe lie in the psychology of the light wave-particle duality. But does he want to return to a universe where his child is dead? ...

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