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Blood Retribution
Forge, Sept 2004, 23.95, 272 pp. ISBN 0765304422 He is a nightwalker, a Navaho half vampire. He is also a New Mexico state police officer who is often teamed up with beautiful FBI agent Diane Lopez. Right now they are trying to infiltrate a smuggling ring made up of skinwalkers (Navaho witches) who can shape shift at night and still retain their ability to think like a human. These smugglers known as the Silver Eagles go to Mexico in anima...
Second Sunrise
Forge, Nov 2002, 24.95, 384 pp. ISBN 0765304414 During World War II in the Four-Corner region of New Mexico, state policeman Lee Nez got involved in a shoot-out with German spies intent on stealing plutonium. Lee was able to get the plutonium and bury it, but a German going by the name of Hans Gruber is intent of retrieving the stolen goods. When Lee refuses to hand it over, he kills Lee and then revives the cop as a vampire. Lee still refuses...