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Acacia: The Other Lands - Acacia 2
Corinne Akaran tries to solidify her rule over the reconstituted Acacian Empire by sending her siblings far and wide to enforce the peace. Corinne Akaran, the princess of the Acacia Empire, has declared herself empress following the events of book 1, the War with The Mein. Having suffered for years as the prisoner and lover of her family's sworn enemy, Hanish Mein, Corinne used the magic grimoire, the Song of Elenet, to murder the father of her unborn ch...
The Sacred Band - Acacia 3
Corinne, Dariel and Mena Akaran fight a war on three fronts to save their homeland, the Empire of Acacia. Corinne Akaran, the Queen of the Acacian Empire, returns in David Anthony Durham's third and final Acacia book to protect her homeland from internal and external threats. She and her noble siblings, Dariel and Mena, make common cause to expel the Auldek, an invading race of anthropomorphic beasts, and defend Acacia from a band of evil sorcerers known...