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Empire of Light
Putnam, Sept 2003, 23.95, 240 pp. ISBN 0399151036 Matt Kelly fell in love with Anna Damiani from almost the first time he saw her but her stepfather, real estate mogul Carl Barrett thought he wasn't good for her. He forced Anna to break up with Matt in high school but when they met up in Princeton they started seeing each other again until her alcoholism drove them apart. He went on to become a teacher in Harlem and she drank her way around the...
The Muse Asylum
Putnam, May 2001, 23.95, 225 pp. ISBN: 0399147454 Ledger editor Joe Fogarty assigns new reporter Jake Burnett to uncover the identity of the grandmaster of the postmodern American novel, Horace Jacob Little. The great author has remained anonymous for over a quarter of a century as his book jackets read more like Mike Tyson's boxing garb with no picture, autobiography, or any signings/sightings. Jake tells Joe that trying to obtain a picture...