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At The Edge
Pinnacle, Apr 2002, 6.99, 432 pp. ISBN: 0786013990 Attorneys Dan Young and Maria Fisher are the intermediaries exchanging the five hundred thousand dollars in the dark reaches of Muldoon's Pub. Dan represents enormous lumbering interests while Maria serves as an agent for the environmental crowd. The money is to be used by the tree huggers to push for Highland Park, a forest north of San Francisco near the Oregon border, to become a Nationa...
Pinnacle, April 2003, 6.99, 480 pp. ISBN 078601542X Sam is sailing his custom made vessel Silverwind off British Columbia when he sees a woman on South Windham Island jump into the water. The men on the supposedly uninhabited island make no effort to help her so Sam, risking his life, manages a daring rescue. His unexpected passenger is wealthy internationally famous movie star Anna Wade. She was on the island visiting her brother Jason who ...