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In the Company of Liars
Putnam, April 2005, 24.95, 384 pp. ISBN 0399152474 Famous novelist Allison Pagone is on trial for the murder of lobbyist Sam Dillon, but she is not mounting any credible defense. Instead she is more worried about her ex-husband who bribed three state senators to pass a law that would allow the drug Divalpro to be put on the state's prior approved Medicaid drug list. She made a deal with federal agent Kat McCoy that she would allow the state to ...
Jury of One
Putnam, Apr 2004, 24.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0399151494 In a Midwestern city, attorney Shelly Trotter works for the Child Advocacy Project by representing troubled students in court. Because she has never worked a capital case, Shelly asks Paul Riley to defend Alex Baniewicz, accused of killing police officer Raymond Miroballi. Paul prefers Shelly lead the defense, which she reluctantly agrees to do. Already having doubts that she can provide an a...
Life Sentence
Jon Soliday is legal counsel to a powerful politician--his childhood best friend--who is running for governor. The two have shared political success and undying loyalty, but an anonymous letter hinting at blackmail and a colleague's mysterious death remind them of something else they have in common, a dark secret from the summer of 1979... murder....
Line Of Vision
Putnam, Feb 2001, 24.95, 407 pp. ISBN: 0399147071 In Highland Woods, investment banker Marty Kalish is having an affair with Rachel Reinardt, wife of renowned cardiologist and philanthropist Derrick. She tells Marty that her spouse beats her and shows him her scars. Mart hates Derrick for having what he wants and abusing her. Marty goes to Rachel's house expecting quality time with his beloved, but instead sees Derrick hitting her. ...

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