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Runelords: Sum of All Men
Farland's sweeping fantasy epic transports us to the world of the runelords. Runelords are people who take endowements: brawn, beauty, wit, agility from select group of people called delicates.They take them to become better rulers and warriors. Prince Gabborn is sent to another kingdom to marry its princess and forge an alliance between the two nations and stop the evil King Raj Ahten....
The Lair of Bones
Tor, Nov 2003, 27.95, 429 pp. ISBN: 0765301768 The High King of Indhopal Raj Ahten continues his campaign to gain immortality regardless of the price other lesser folks must pay for him to achieve his goal. Only the Earth Prince Gaborn has been able to stop the malevolent Raj from succeeding. A fire destroyed Raj, but Scathain, Lord of Ash, arises from the residue, containing the same objective of immortality at any cost as his predecessor did....
The Runelords
The Runelords is the story of Prince Gaborn Val Orden, the son of the King of Heredon. In Gaborn's society, a commoner can grant "endowments" to a noble or a wealthy merchant, such as wit, glamor, smell, sight, or any other attribute. While the lord's vision, intelligence or charisma will be doubled, the now helpless commoner will lose the trait he has given and become that lord's Dedicate, and the lord assumes responsibility for protecting and providi...
Wizardborn - The Runelands 3
The story is about a man stripped of powers he once had given to him by the earth to "save the seeds of humanity through the dark times to come". He faces the reavers--a monstrous race that threatens the human race, with the help of two earth wardens and an army by his side he hopes to defeat the reavers. ...

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