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Challenger's Hope
Nicholas Seafort, now promoted to commander, is betrayed by his commanding officer as a fleet sets out to search for the aliens he has discovered. Forced to take on a passenger quota of violent street kids and abandoned to die on a derelict ship, he has to hold them together according to his strict codes of honour and Navy regulations, under pressure of mutiny and the threat of imminent attack. But how long can he keep them alive?...
Midshipman's Hope
Faced with the deaths of superior Officers, 17 year old Midshipman Nicholas Seaforth reluctantly takes command of the UNS Hibernia on its 18 month trip to Hope Nation. He faces mutiny, internal politics, ship invasion, first contact with vaccuum residing species, and (most difficult of all) his own internal expectations....
Patriarch's Hope
Seafort is Secretary-General of the United Nations, attempting to balance the world's political interests, especially the environmentalists and those who support strengthening Earth's military....
Prisoner's Hope
Nicolas Seafort finds himself at the centre of a debate about the future of the Hope Nation colony while crippled by guilt from the events of his last mission. Injured in a duel to retain his honour, along with old comrades, he has to face a terrifying alien enemy as well as hostile landowners and his own pain, physical and emotional....

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The King
Ace, Aug 2002, 24.95, 512 pp. ISBN: 0441009026 Before dying the Caledon queen informs her son, the soon to be anointed king Rodrigo, that for him to keep the power of THE STILL to “read” still water, he must remain a virgin and never prevaricate. However, before Roddy becomes the monarch, his Uncle Margenthar declares himself regent, as the teen is too young to be king. Now Roddy decides it is time for him to be the King, but Margenthar refus...

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