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Our Lady of the Forest
16 year old nonreligious runaway Ann Holmes lives in a rural logging town in Washington state, living in poverty from her job as a mushroom picker. Small and sickly, she suffers constantly from asthma made worse by the cold, wet conditions she lives in. One day while foraging for mushrooms, she sees a ghost of the Virgin Mary. The small Catholic town goes wild. Carolyn Greer, Ann's friend and fellow mushroom picker, is not a believer but becomes ...
Snow Falling on Cedars
A combination of murder mystery, love story, dissection of racism, and paean to the Pacific Northwest, _Snow Falling on Cedars_ tells the story of the people of San Piedro Island, north of Puget Sound, during and after the Second World War. In 1954, a Japanese American is charged with the murder of a local white fisherman, and Ishmael Chambers -- a one-armed veteran and the local newspaper reporter -- senses the truth may not surface in the racially char...