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A Firing Offense
A young, talented journalist working and writing in Paris named Eric Truell is on the fast track to success when he writes about corruption in the award of a huge Chinese telecommunications contract to a French company. As Truell gets deeper into the details of the story he also learns of French-supported biotech weapons research being conducted in Beijing. More than a coincidence, Truell is being fed information about these events by a disillusioned C...
The Bank of Fear
In London England, Sam Hoffman is an financial investigator for hire, but don't call him a spy. That's what his alcoholic father did for the CIA and he wants no part of that lifestyle. One day Hoffman is approached by Ramon Pinta, a distraught Filipino claiming his wife was murdered by Nasir Hammoud. Pinta and his wife were employed by Hammoud, but Hoffman is skeptical of the story and doubts he can learn much about this man. After some cursory fact ...