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The Face of the Assassin
Warner, Apr 2004, 25.95 ISBN: 044652929X Adopted as an infant, Austin, Texas widower Paul Bern lives a contented quiet life earning a living as a highly regarded forensic resurrection expert, who recreates visages of severely damaged accident or criminal victims. Client 'Becca Haber arrives at his home bringing with her a skull she purchased from a street kid in Mexico City. She wants him to recreate the face. Paul is hardly into his effort w...
The Rules of Silence
Warner, Apr 2003, 24,95, 405 pp. ISBN: 0446531634 Cayetano "Tano" Luquin extorts money from millionaires by threatening to kill anyone they cherish if payment fails to be remitted. The professional blackmailer insures nearly impossible tracing even following the money trail by having his victims make losing investments in which he reaps the awards from paper companies “laundering” the cash. His current chosen lamb is software developer guru Tit...