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Bring Me Children
John Lyon's was an untouchable news anchor until he breaks down in a fit of sobbing on live national television. Now John has to redeem his image, following a strange story of abducted children in a quiet West Virginia town. He quickly runs into a blind doctor that is on the unusual side and finds out more than he bargained for. A great, fun read for those who enjoy their suspense and gore. Martin takes it to the limit in this novel. Very dark....
Crazy Love
Simon & Schuster, Feb 2002, 23.00, 288 pp. ISBN: 0743223500 DC lobbyist Katherine Renault fled the capital to escape well meaning people constantly badgering her as she recovered from the operation. She chose her fiance's Appalachia cottage as being as far from Washington as one can get without going to a third world nation. After months in her mountain retreat, Kathryn joins an animal rescue team. Her first mission involves two men ...