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The story of a group of survivors struggling to come to terms with a world torn apart by disease, Autumn is a dark and relentless novel. In the space of one morning, billions of people are killed. There are no explanations and no warnings. A handful of survivors shelter together and watch the world crumble around them. Days later and the after-effects of the disease become apparent - many of the bodies begin to move and function again. As the disease-...
Straight to You
A naive bank manager Steven Johnson falls for a customer Samantha Hill. She feels the same way and a whirlwind romance begins. Their suddenly perfect world is shattered when it becomes apparent that the sun is dying and that only days remain until the end of the world. Sam's possessive family force her to leave Steve and travel north with them to relatives. With little time remaining, Steve begins an arduous journey across a sun-scorched landscape to ...