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Desperate Measures
Matt Pittman is a journalist who is down on his luck. His son died of cancer, his wife left him, and he is too depressed to go on. He is on the verge of pulling the trigger to kill himself when his boss at the newspaper calls and asks him to do a favor. Since his boss was so helpful when his son was dying he decides he can do this one thing before he goes ahead and kills himself. His assignment is to write an obituary chronicling the life of Jonathan...
Long Lost
Warner, May 2002, 25.95, 310 pp. ISBN: 0446529400 As the older sibling thirteen-year-old Brad Denning knew he was responsible for his kid brother nine-year-old tag along Petey. However, his friends encouraged Brad to send Petey home. So Brad told Petey to leave. The sobbing preadolescent biked away. However, when Brad returned home for supper he learns that Petey did not come home. Frantically their parents called friends and the police, but...
The Protector
Warner, May 200, 25.95, 399 pp. ISBN: 0446530689 Biochemist Daniel Prescott creates a drug that is supposed to help stop addiction, but instead is rumored to provide an incredibly addictive rush by stimulating the body producing adrenaline. Fearing that undesirables will harm him to get at his creation, Daniel hires Global Protective Services, a security firm not squeamish about crossing legal barriers. Former Delta Force commando Cavanaugh se...