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A Child Called 'It' (Literature)
This is the story of Dave when he was a boy being abused by his mother. It is one of the worst cases of not only beating, but also of other mental and physical abuse. Dave is put through things such as being left in the basement, not being fed, and having to throw up the food that he stole. Sometimes he was even made to eat his own vomit. He was made to be locked in a bathroom with terrible fumes of clorox and ammonia. ...
A Child Called 'It' (Biography)
A Child Called "It" is a very depressing biography that takes place during a young child named Daves life. He is severly punished (by his mom) for anything he does wrong. Many of the times he is not even fed. He learns that he has to fight for food. He knows that the only way he will get things done is to do it himself. He comes up with ideas just to find ways to eat. When his mother suspects him of eating he must throw up his food and someti...
A Man Named Dave
"A Man Named Dave" is the ending to the other two books David has written, "A Child Called 'It'" and "The Lost Boy." Unlike the other two books, this book is inspirational and full of love. David had to start all over and make new beginnings with his new family. He consentrated on what he has been wanting to do his whole life, fly. David moved on with his life and made everything better, not only for him, but for his son Stephen also. He had a wife, but ...
The Lost Boy
This book is about a boy named Dave Pelzer who grows up being abused and beaten by his raging alcoholic mother. He has spent his whole childhood struggling to find a place where he is accepted. He has been throughout several foster homes, sometimes repeating the same ones twice. He was misled as a child and started to steal from the market to get food, lie to the people who cared about him most, and treat people very cold and mean. He ends up leaving ...

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