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Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
David Sedaris continues the saga of his life and relationships with his family in this collection of personal memoirs that range from recollections of his childhood to his more recent contacts. He talks of growing up in North Carolina, his embarrassment over his parents–his father's loud aggressiveness, his mother's benign neglect, and his feelings of being an outsider because of his homosexuality. The book is filled with anecdotes about his famil...
Me Talk Pretty One Day (Literature)
Me Talk Pretty contains a series of short, humorous essays on Sedaris' life and history. Part one covers some of his family's eccentricities, and part two describes his move to France and attempts to learn French....
Me Talk Pretty One Day (Biography)
A truly entertaining book, "Me Talk Pretty One Day" is Sedaris's autobiographical commentary on life in the rural south as well as what it's like to be an American living abroad. The latter aspect, with its florid description's of the author's existence in France, among its very structured traditions, makes the book almost like a primer for those that wish to travel to the Gaelic country. Sedaris also delves into his life as a young man, discovering hi...
Naked is a combination of short stories and essays. The short stories are not really my favorite - most of them are rather grim and they don't work very well. The essays, though, are about Sedaris' life, and while they also can be grim, they have energy and interest. I guess Sedaris is just one of those people whose life is stranger than fiction. Or more interesting, anyway. My favorite essay in the book is the last one - the eponymous "Naked," abou...

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