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March to the Stars
Baen, Jan 2003, 26.00, 526 pp. ISBN: 0743435621 The diplomatic mission assigned to Prince Roger was more to get rid of him for awhile than any real need except palace relief as the royals including his mother the Empress are tired of his boorish spoiled behavior. One thousand rugged Marines accompany Roger on his meaningless mission, but every one of these tough soldiers detests this royal pain in the butt. The assignment goes wrong and Roger a...
March Upcountry
MARCH UPCOUNTRY Baen, May 2001, 24.00, 510 pp. ISBN: 067131985X The Empress of Man Alexandra VII sends her spoiled youngest son Prince Roger MacClintock to waive the flag at the planet Leviathan's Net-Hauling event. Roger protests about having to visit a backwater orb that smells for light years around. Roger remains unhappy with the assignment, but knows he must carry it out wondering why his father is persona non grata at court and why nob...