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Old Bones
Set in the Roman Empire, this novel starts with the holiday of Marcus Corvinus, part-time snoop, who starts to enjoy the sun, wine and food in the company of his wife, adopted daughter and his assorted and eccentric household. He'd just about managed to avoid major upsets with his mother when his daffy stepfather is discovered standing over a corpse with a dagger in his hand. There goes his peaceful holiday! Marcus can't believe the vague, timid old...
Parthian Shot
Marcus Corvinus hates doing the household accounts but he'd rather do them than his latest assignment - investigating an attack on a foreign prince. Marcus tries to avoid involvement in politics but since he's "requested" to do so by the Emperor, there's little he can do. The prince is to be backed by the Empire in a coup against the Great King of Parthia. So it's not long before he's deep in the mire of political machinations being caught between Par...
White Murder
While Marcus Corvinus is sitting drinking wine and watching the world go by at his favourite wineshop, he is drawn with the other patrons to see the dead body of Pegasus, a famous chariot driver. That wasn't good. The local district Watch - corrupt to the core - claim he died during a robbery. Marcus decided to track down the killer. So Marcus, reluctantly helped by his cool, intelligent wife Perilla, enters the world of big-time chariot racing. Whi...