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First Truth
Ace, June 2002, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN 044100945x The world is divided into two groups of people who barely tolerate each other, but depend on one another to survive. The people living in the foothills are farmers while those who live in the plains are crafters. Alissa is a half-breed born of a plains mother and a farmer father disliked by both groups. When Alissa turns nineteen her mother realizes she has inherited her father's magical talents ...
Forgotten Truth
Ace, Dec 2003, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN 0491011179 Life is never dull when Alissa, a human Master who can turn into a raku, is around. She is the hope that the Master line will be able to go on and she is studying under the auspices of the Hold's Master Talon-Toeca, otherwise known as Useless. Also living at the hold is the commoner Strell who is forbidden to court Alissa, and Lodesh, a keeper who four centuries ago was the warden of the now abandone...
Hidden Truth
In this sequel to First Truth, the evil Bailic cannot open the book First Truth himself so he begins to teach the piper Strell magic, mistakenly believing that Strell will be able to open the book. Alissa is secretly taking lesson from the master Talo Toecan. They plan to retrieve the book First Truth and escape once the snow melts from the passes. Alissa must secretly perform the magical skills for Strell without Bailic catching her. Meanwhile the b...
Lost Truth
Ace, Dec 2004, 7.99, 368 pp. ISBN 0441012280 The hold once thrived as a place where raku (dragon) masters taught human keepers how to use their magical skills. A man named Useless is the head Master. His wife Keribdis goes across the sea to find some raku. She never returns and the rest of the keepers were killed by a rogue with a grudge. Alissa, the first new student to come into the hold in years in years, defeated the renegade keeper and fr...

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The Decoy Princess
Princess Contessa is shopping for a gift for her fiancee, Prince Garrett. She is scheming to get a look at him, because she has never seen him. There is a prophecy about her that makes the other kingdoms either try to assassinate her, or assassinate her potential husbands, which happened to the last one. She does end up sneaking in to see Prince Garrett, but is discovered and when he meets her he tries to move up the wedding. This forces her parents ...

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