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Decorated To Death
Kensington, April 2004, 22.00, 240 pp. ISBN 075820485x Simon Kirby-Jones joins his vampire lover in eternity, but creatures of the night are fickle. When Trevor breaks up with Simon, he gives him Laurel Cottage in the English Village of Snupperton Mumsley and Simon moves to the other side of the Atlantic. He fits in well with the other residents thanks to the small white pills he takes that allows him to go out in sunlight and kills the need fo...
Faked To Death
Simon Kirby-Jones is a gay American vampire living in a small English village. He is invited to attend a literary writer's workshop in a local manor house as one of the guest lecturers. While reviewing the list of scheduled lecturers, he discovers that someone posing as one of his nom-de-plumes will be attending. However, while attending the workshop, Simon discovers he isn't the only writer with a link to the fake writer. The fake writer is found de...
Posted To Death
Kensington, April 2002, 22.00, 242 pp. ISBN 1575668858 The newest member of the quirky English village of Snupperton Mumsley is Simon Kirby-Jones, an American author of bodice rippers and mysteries (under pseudonyms). Simon is also gay and a vampire but thanks to advances in modern medicine, he is able to hide his condition from the rest of humanity. By taking two pills daily, he can walk in sunlight, eat and drink food, and has no need for...