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How to Meet Cute Boys (Romance)
Warner, Sep 2003, 21.95, 251 pp. ISBN: 0446530727 At the Los Angeles based Filly magazine, twenty seven years old Benjamina Franklin works as the advice columnist on dating. Ironically, her own love life has flushed down the toilet since she finally accepted advice from her live-in lover Jack to just go, which Ben did. Embarrassingly she needs a date to escort her to her younger sister's wedding, but has no prospects. At a party attended by ...
How To Meet Cute Boys (Literature)
Benjamina Franklin (yes, that is her real name as the story goes, her parents were on some heavy drugs when they thought of it) should be walking on air. She has a great job as a writer for a popular women's magazine, a nice apartment, supportive friends and she gets invited to the best parties. What she doesn't have is "The One" that perfect relationship she so eagerly craves. When Bejnamina meets Max, and falls hard, she starts to believe he m...