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Kentucky Kisses
Emily Keating has lost her father on the dangerous journey from Virginia to Kentucky. Now she is determined to claim the land he left to her. Emily is 25 years old and is determined never to marry. The men in Kentucky refuse to give her the land until she has a husband. So in the meantime, Emily takes a job offered by an older woman needing a tutor for her motherless grandsome, Tad. Tad's father turns out to be an infuriating and handsome man who is dete...
Moon Hunter
Rebecca Wallace is left a young widow with an infant daughter after an Indian raid. She does not miss her husband, who was cruel and abusive, but she fears for the safety of her daughter in the dangerous Kentucky wilderness. Mack McGee, an army scout who found Becca and her baby in the woods, declares himself responsible for their safety and vows to bring them safely to a fort. Mack lost his mother and siblings in an Indian raid and is determined to prot...