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Dark Road to Darjeeling- Lady Julia 4
Lady Julia, who is an amateur detective, accompanies her sister Portia to help a friend, Jane, a pregnant widow, whose husband died under suspicious circumstances and Portia believes Jane's life may be in danger. Lady Julia who recently got married to a private enquiry agent, Nicholas Brisbane, accompanies her sister Portia to India to help her lover Jane. Jane had married Freddie Cavendish, who had recently inherited a tea plantation in Darjeeling, Ind...
Silent in the Sanctuary
Lady Julia is a recently widowed amateur detective who solves murder cases along with a private inquiry agent, Nicholas Brisbane. Lady Julia is vacationing with her two brothers, Plum and Lysander. Lysander, who just got married without his father's permission, is immediately summoned to the Bellmont Abbey for Christmas. Lady Julia who had spent past few months investigating her husband, Lord Edward murder with a private inquiry agent, Nicholas Brisbane ...
Silent on the Moor
Lady Julia is a recent widow with an interest in detective work. She goes to Nicholas Brisbane at Grimsgrave Hall to help him out and stumble upon a house of great mystery and intrigue. Nicholas Brisbane is a private enquiry agent who has recently become master of Grimsgrave hall. He had asked Portia, Lady Julia's sister to decorate his home for him. Lady Julia decides to accompany her sister Portia to Grimsgrave Hall but her oldest brother and heir to h...