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The Chalice
In this the third book of the trilogy Deborah Chester brings all of the loose threads and important characters together in the long promised battle that the two previous books has been leading up to. Dain has come into his own finally and matured into a strong leader that others look to as well as finally being recognized as the long-lost heir to the kingdom of Nether and he sets out to win his throne back from the usurper Muncel and take what is rightfu...
The King Betrayed
Dain is the King of Nether and a lot of people want him dead. One embittered "sorcerel" hatches a plot to kill the heir, kidnap his firstborn daughter and tear his kingdom apart. ...
The Queen's Gambit
Ace, Dec 2002, 7.99, 464 pp. ISBN 0441009972 By drinking from the sacred Chalice, Pheresa saves her life. Pheresa expects to be the next monarch, but first must trick the church that wants her as an icon of the holy Chalice. After succeeding at that endeavor, Pheresa manages to get through to King Verence still in a fog while mourning the death of his son. He names her Princess of the Realm, but she must marry her cousin Lervan to inherit th...
The Ring
Dain has found acceptance at Thirst hold and a father in the chevard Lord Oldfrey, who tells Dain that he wants to adopt him as his son and heir. This adoption only requires the formalization of the king to be legalized but this all changes on the way to the capital city of Savroix, when the party is attacked by believers of Gant and nonkind and Lord Oldfrey is injured and dies. With the question of adoption still left in question Dain is forced to cont...

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The Sword
The authur creates a hero in waiting type in Dain, or prince Faldain as we later learn as the main charcter of the book. The noval begins with the king being betrayed by his brother and barely escaping with his life. In order to gather the neccessary force to accomplish this coup his brother has allied with the evil people of Gant. The king manages to recover a holy relic of immense power, the chalice, and his kids but he knows that he must hide them be...

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