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The Famous Flower of Serving Men
Dunne, Nov 2004, 22.95, 224 pp. ISBN: 0312333876 Penelope Wintercraft-Hawkes, a theater producer for the traveling troupe The Tamborlaine Players, and folklorist and building restorer Ringan Laine are ecstatic when they learn Penny inherited Bellefield, a theatre on Hawthorne Walk in London. She hires Ringan to restore the place as she plans to put on a play called Iphagenia. However, from the moment that Penny sets foot in her new theatre sh...
The Weaver and the Factory Maid
Dunne, Dec 2003, 22.95, 192 pp. ISBN: 0312314221 Due to a cash flow problem, caused by loans and an energy investment, Scottish land owner Albert Wychsale cannot pay in money the house restoration debt he owes folk musician Rupert “Ringan” Laine. Instead he gives the Brit free lodging in the eighteenth century Lumbe's cottage near the restored Wychsale House. Ringan and his girlfriend theater producer and actress Penelope Wintercraft-Hawkes m...