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Highland Rogue
Harlequin, Oct 2004, 5.50, 304 pp. ISBN: 0373293240 In 1875, Lady Lydiard Talbot visits her stepdaughter Claire, who partially owns Brancasters Marine Works. The weeping lady tells Claire that her daughter Tessa is thinking of breaking off her engagement with Spencer Stanton, whose family owns a large shipping company which is a good customer of Brancasters. Apparently fortune hunter Ewan Geddes has gotten Tessa to reconsider her upcoming nupti...
The Wizard's Ward
Luna, Apr 2004, 400 pp. ISBN: 0373802056 Once the Kingdom of Umbria was a peaceful pastoral place where magic healed and helped the people. Then the Han invaded Umbria, destroying its customs and culture, and forbidding magic to be practiced at all. Those who do use magic are shunned by people except when they are needed to heal a hurt. Maura Woodbury, the Enchantress of Windleford, is used to being ignored because she has the love of her ment...