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A Lady of Distinction
Berkley, May 2004, 5.99, 311 pp. ISBN: 0425196569 In 1820 London, Lady Judith Cavendish is busy cataloging the latest additions to her father's Egypt collection when she hears the droning buzz of a bee. As she looks amongst the artifacts, the noise gets louder as if a hive had been included until she finds the source. Snoring amidst the priceless ruins is adventurer Morgan Beauchamp who not only delivered the goods, but insists he must help the...
A Man of Many of Talents
A Many of Talents Berkley, Jun 2003, 5.99, 320 pp. ISBN: 0425190706 Abigail Parkinson, owner of Sibel Hall, needs to sell the place, but Sir Boundefort, a ghost she has never seen, scares away prospective buyers. She writes to ghost chaser Christian Reade, whose unwanted reputation is based on debunking a spectral claim at Belles Corner. Though he prefers not to go, Christian travels to Sibel Hall as a favor to his beloved ailing grandfather. ...
My Lord De Burgh
Stephen De Burgh, rakish knight was a woman's ideal lover, but he didn't impress Brighid l'Estrange, a Welsh miss with undiscovered powers. Escorting Brighid to her late father's manor, they both resist the growing bond between them. Will destiny bind them together?...