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Rap Superstar : A Hip-Hop Love Story
This intricately woven story of romance brings two unlikely souls together for a roller-coaster love affair. Rap superstar, Anthony Talbert, a.k.a Animalistic has everything he wants, from all the fame he can stand, to more money than he can spend, to a beautiful new woman in his bed every night. Randi Jacobs, an aspiring writer/filmmaker, has nothing but her unrealized dreams and painful past that she can't forget. When Anthony meets Randi, he mak...
Rap Superstar: A Hip-Hop Love Story
The story is built upon a love story between a rapper named Animalistic, and Randi Jacobs, a young writer with a painful past invoving an abusive relationship with a former boyfriend. Upon meeting the seductive Animalistc, Randi is not impressed. She finds him transparent to the point of cliche. Although Animalistic persues her relentlessly, Randi keeps him at bay- not wanting to ger deeply involved with the qustionable rap star. Randi's aloofness f...