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Leisure, Aug 2002, 5.99, 348 pp. ISBN: 0843950382 During her first and probably only season, someone boldly entered Charlotte's bedroom and abducted the lass. Her cousin Emma Wakefield feels a bit guilty because she arranged for Charlotte to have her season amidst the Ton. Used to taking care of everyone, Emma decides she is capable of rescuing her relative. She concludes that the Marquess of Andover is the most likely culprit as they were to ...
MacKenzie's Magic
Fiona is forced to marry the ton's scoundrel who vows to make her beg for his attentions, disbelieving that she could have no interest in him at all. She promises never to give in to him and doesn't believe him when he wakes up the day after their wedding professing to be a Scottish earl from 300 years ago. She remembers wishing on a star the night of their wedding but surely wishes don't come true, surely her wish to be married to the man that was mea...