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Challenge the Wind
Amber Quill, Jun 2003, 263 pp. ISBN: 159279221 During the war in upstate New York between the American colonies and the British, Matthew Smith leads five British deserters on the lam. Needing help for his severely injured Sergeant Quinn, who as acted like a father to the frightened Matthew, he and three others break into a house where Sarah Lloyd, her two sons and her father reside. Matthew forces the hostages to tend to Quinn's wound. However...
Woman Of Stone
Victorious Roman general, Quintus Caecilius Metellus, comes to Delphi to seek a blessing from Apollo for his conquest of Greece. Instead the commander finds his fate, seen by a young priestess in a mystical vision: they are one. Timarete, the young priestess, cannot deny her vision. She will love him. And through that love, cut short by the rebellion of her people against powerful Rome, the priestess will awaken the long forgotten compassion of a man h...