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Inheriting Pop's property brought Cadie unexpected complications: a devastating, antisocial tenant, a potential gold mine, a silent, deadly enemy, and, when she least expected it, love....
Ties that Blind
A body in a garage. A revolver in a locked car. A woman meets the object of teenaged crush on a plane. Is this a happy reunion or a devious frameup for murder?...
Unquiet Spirits
Kit Schofield is leaving her position as head of Schofield Pharmaceuticals. As an heiress, she feels it's time to move on. The day she leaves the company, someone tries to run her over with their car. Is it a random act of violence? Or is someone trying to kill the rich beauty? Bart is the son of one of Kit's mother's many husbands. After having grown up together, he is determined to find out who is trying to kill Kit, but his feelings for her are an...