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All Aboard for Paradise
Five Star, Feb 2004, 26.95, 348 pp. ISBN: 1594141142 In 1886 Claire Chadwick raises her teenage daughter Joanna by herself in Westport, Missouri. Claire barely keeps food on the table working as a waitress at the Westport Café, but though her boss Axel Kohl kindly allows her to take leftovers home; he also wants to marry her. When another café employee Randy Plank buys a ticket to take the train to Los Angeles, Claire decides to take advantage ...
Sweet Grass
Five Star, Apr 2003, 26.95, 282 pp. ISBN: 0786251115 In 1886 Lindstrom, Minnesota, twenty-nine years old Lili Tornquist believes her life is over as her father is remarrying after fifteen years as a widower. The new spouse will take over the household that Lili has run for more than half of her life. When a letter comes from a distant cousin Gunnar Jorgeson asking Lili to marry him, she decides to accept and moves to his Montana sheep ranch. ...