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Treble Heart, 2003, 14.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 1931742138 After severely injuring her knee while on the job, smoke jumper Autumn MacAllister returns to her Montana hometown to heal though the place has one monstrous nightmare memory for her that she can't shake of her parents dying in an inferno. Autumn obtains a reporter's position on the local newspaper. As a child, Autumn tutored Jack Dillon, who had a big crush on her that still remains insid...
Deep is the Night: Dark Fire
Ellora's Cave, 2003, 15.99, 334 pp. ISBN: 1843605635 Needing freedom from the overwhelming expectations of her parents, Erin Greenway moves from Arizona to Pine Forest, Colorado, to become a librarian in the small town described to her by her best friend, who insists most locals believe in ghosts. Since it is Halloween, Erin and another librarian decorate the library for a children's spooky story hour. As she arrives at the library, Erin hears ...