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Last Lullaby
Scribner, Apr 2004, 24.00, 368 pp. ISBN: 0743245407 Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond wants out of the boring suburban beat that she covers; her goal being real news. In her endeavor to prove to the editors that she is more than fluff, Eve follows US Customs Agent William Maxwell on his job at LAX. Suddenly the Los Angeles airport turns into a war zone. When the dust clears, three are dead including an Asiatic mother whose apparent husban...
Savage Garden
Scribner, May 2005, 22.00, 336 pp. ISBN: 0743261925 In Los Angeles the opening day curtain call is in one hour for the play Our Lady of the Barrio by Alfonso Reventon; however the leading lady, explosive actress Catarina Velosi has not shown up at the playhouse. Since Alfonso is a childhood friend, Silvio Aguilar asks his girlfriend Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond to accompany him to Catarina's apartment where they find her dead. The p...
Sugar Skull
Pocket, Feb 2004, 6.99, 374 pp. ISBN: 0743482212 A Los Angeles Times reporter is working on the weekend homicide count when a flustered angry man races into the newsroom accusing the cops of indifference towards the disappearance of his daughter. To calm the father Vincent down, reporter Eve Diamond agrees to make inquiries into the vanishing of Isabel Chevalier. However, as Eve starts looking into the disappearance and finishing her catalogui...
The Jasmine Trade
Scribner, Jul 2001, 24.00, 304 pp. ISBN: 074321269X Though still in high school, Marina Lu seems to have it all. She is engaged to Michael Ho with their wedding set for two weeks and has earned admission to Berkley. However, her idyllic life ends in a San Gabriel, California parking lot where she had just ordered ten designer dresses for her bridesmaids. The police think this homicide is a carjacking that turned ugly, but Los Angeles Times...

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