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Maureen O'Donnell, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, now works at a women's refuge in Glasgow. When Ann Harris, a former client, is found dead in London, Maureen takes a personal interest in the case. The finger of suspicion points to the victim's inadequate husband, but Maureen feels he's incapable of making a cup of tea, much less murdering anyone. Against the advice of her best friend Leslie, Maureen travels to London, partly to find Ann's kill...
If you have any lingering fanasies about happy, picturesque Scotland GARNETHILL will put them to rest. Glasgow native Maureen O'Donnell is an incest survivor, a recent mental hospital inmate, has the mother and family from hell, and wakes up from a drunken stupor to find her lover in shreds in her kitchen. Naturally the police suspect Maureen and she must find the real killer. Tremendously well written and involving, the reader roots for Maureen conqu...
Glaswegian market trader Maureen O'Donnell has more pressing things to do than investigating the suspicious death of an elderly market stallholder. She is due to give evidence at the trial of her former therapist, cold-hearted rapist and murderer Angus Farrell, and if he isn't convicted he'll be coming after Maureen for retribution. Also her father Michael, who abused her as a child, is awaiting the birth of his first grandchild, and Maureen is determine...
The Dead Hour
The characters in books by Denise Mina don't live in elegant travel poster locations nor do they live comfortable lives. As factories in Scotland close as a response to economic decline, men who formerly supported their families are out of work. Paddy Meaghan is a young woman and the only person in her large family who has a job. She is painfully aware of her responsibilities to the rest of her family, particularly her mother who struggles to keep...

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