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Eye of the Hunter
A thousand years ago, the Baeron Urus, the Elfess Riatha, the Warrow (under-sized humanoid) Tomlin, and the Warrow Petal joined forces to combat the murderous Baron Stoke, servant of the evil deity, Gyphon. Stoke was trapped under a glacier, along with the Baeron Urus. There was a prophecy, saying that the "Lastborn Firstborns of Those who Were" would rise to fight Baron Stoke. In this novel, the descendants of Tomlin and Petal, along with Riatha and ...
Once Upon a Spring Morn
Celeste, Princess of the Springwood, meets the handsome knight Roel who is on a quest to rescue his sister from the evil Lord of the Changelings. They fall in love immediately, and Celeste joins Roel on his quest -- arguing that her archery and other skills will be useful, despite his protests, to accompany his enchanted sword Coeur d'Acier. They have only one phase of the moon to find and free Avelaine, or she is lost. So they set off across the myst...
Once Upon A Summer Day
Roc, April 2005, 23.95, 384 pp. ISBN 045146012X Once upon a time in the world of Faery, Prince Borel Winterwood visits his brother Alain in his realm of Summerwood when he has a dream about a beautiful maiden who is in a stone turret, a blindfold hiding her weeping eyes speaking in the old language. When he wakes up he finds that the dream was a visitation from an imprisoned golden maiden, who will die if he doesn't rescue her before the next fu...
The Dragonstone
The book starts with a vision of a terror, death and destruction, all of which is focused around a green stone. An elven woman is forced to lead an expedition across the mythical world of Mithgar. She must seek out people in a riddle who are the only ones who can stop this terrible end from coming, and in the situation of it all. They must stop an evil black mage named Ordrune from using his evil powers to awaken the Dragonstone....

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