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Humanity Gone: After the Plague
A disease kills off most adults in the United States leaving children to fend for themselves. Jonathon "Jon" and his sister Jocelyn "Jo" witness the unraveling of society from a deadly disease shown on the news and the death of their own father from the disease. The book opens with a shootout from the end of the novel and then flashes back to Jon and Jo in their apartment debating what to do after their father dies. Jon feels guilt from his strained rela...
Humanity Gone: Facade of Order
After surviving a disease that killed off most of the adults in America, a separated group of survivors rejoin to deal with slave-holding armies. In this second book in the series, Carter is trying to survive with a new group of survivors, but a growing para-military power requires that he take the offensive to keep his freedom and life. The prologue shows an unidentified person being tortured in a flash forward. The book then opens some years after most...