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A long-lived,alien entity with the capacity to destroy all humankind is waiting for humans to spread beyond their own galaxy. Although it cannot stand any kind of violence it must destroy humanity and its works to protect its own species. Unknowlingly the humans are struggling, each for thier own reasons, for just such an event....
Spire City
A few advanced humans called tecs live on an underdeveloped colony world. They have powerful minds and control the native population. They live on a huge Spire in the centre of the only city. The natives live around the city and in farms. The tecs control society until one day the Spire disappears and most of them are killed. This is the natives chance for revolution but will they overcome the tec remnant? ...
The Boarding House
In 1966 a 17 year old English migrant arrives in Australia seeking a new life. His passage has been smoothed by Australian authorities he is a 10 pound migrant. He finds lodgings in a Sydney boarding house close to the centre of the city. The House is full of boys like him. Some are migrants from all over the world while others are Australian drawn to the ‘big smoke' for work and experience. The English boy quickly finds work and fits into the daily r...