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This is the story of a giant transformer being moved across Africa. It is really enormous and the juggernaut carrying it only moves at five miles an hour. When a civil war breaks out in the oil rich country of Nyala Neil Mannix, who is responsible for the transportation, is right in the middle of things with both sides claiming the vehicle and using it to further their goals....
The Freedom Trap
It was supposed to be the perfect crime, but when Rearden was set up, he went to prison, then broke out -- and that's when his troubles really began. It was Mackintosh who set up the heist for Rearden: steal a mail delivery of diamonds. But Rearden was set up, and the police were waiting at his flat before he could leave the country. Even though he knows Mackintosh sold him out, Rearden isn't a snitch. So he went away for twenty years. Once inside, Re...
The Golden Keel
This is a fast paced crime thriller about a group of adventures who attempt to smuggle three million pounds of treasure, which once belonged to Mussolini, out of Italy. There are numerous attempts to hijack the smugglers, all by greater criminals than them. The treasure of course is hidden in the keel of their boat. There is action on every page. ...
Wyatt's Hurricane
All Bagley's books are fast paced and easy to read. Despite being several decades old they have not dated. ‘Mabel' is a strong and dangerous hurricane that should pass through a group of islands with minimal damage. Weather expert, David Wyatt, does not believe this will happen; he thinks Mabel will change course and pass through St Pierre the capital of San Fernandez. No one believes Wyatt and of course the tension builds as ‘Mabel' follows her chose...

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