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Kingdom Come
Abby is a normal women until an Alien Prince storms into her life with the will and might to do anything to gain her love and keep her safe. Abigail is a brand new secretary for the President of the United States and is extremely nervous for the upcoming meeting between the President and the visiting alien Prince Edric. Unbeknownst to Abby, Prince Edric is only visiting the President and Earth even because he knows that Abby is his destined mate. All mal...
No Light - Dems 1
Sarah Mackenzie is a brand new handler of the most notorious alien in the underground prison, she expected things to be difficult but never imagined the connection she would forge between very person she was charged to guard. Sarah Mackenzie is a Handler. In the near future a race called 'Dems' began a conquest of Earth, however for some unbeknownst reason, they stopped. The Dems were moved and kept in a uniquely built underground prison where they have ...