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The Daughter In Law
As an aspiring actress from a backwater town, Nicole learns that there are far more talented and more beautiful girls all trying for the vehicle that will launch their career. While waiting for her big break, Nicole engages in some pretty shady dealings. When she encounters Jonathan Donner-playboy extraordinaire,sparks fly between these two and with Jonathan's family. Mrs. Donner, Sr. feels that Nicole is not worthy of the Donner name and resorts to...
The First Wife
St. Martin's, June 2004, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN 0312321473 Eight years ago, an intruder burst into the home of William Andrews; the thug killed his wife Kay and almost William too. The perpetrator was never caught and Bill spent the next few years building up his empire to the point where he became one of the most powerful men in the world. He never was serious about any woman until he read the articles about him written by Jane Warren who painted...