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High Rhyme and Misdemeanors
Pocket, Oct 2003, 5.99, 258 pp. ISBN 0743466780 She's a very straight-laced English literature teacher at St Anne's Academy for Girls on vacation in England's Lake District studying the Romantic Poets. When she stumbles across a man lying faced down in a stream, she resuscitates him and as a thank you he buys her a drink before disappearing. The next morning she obtains his address and starts driving to his home when two men wearing masks stop ...
Sonnet of the Sphinx
While sorting through some old books and papers at Rogue's Gallery, Grace Hollister stumbles upon an old love letter written in 1943 by a man named John Mallow. The letter hints of an unknown sonnet by poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Realizing the significance of this find, Grace attempts to share her enthusiasm with her love interest, Peter Fox. The idea of an unknown sonnet by Shelley seems a little farfetched and Peter tries to make Grace listen to reason....