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Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea
Tor, Sep 2001, 27.95, 416 pp. ISBN: 0312874847 On the planet Yarvanett, Brierly Mefell is fully aware of the heritage of her people the Shari'a. The Allemanii massacred most of the Shari'a fearing the powers of the witches. Any individual who shows the gift of witchcraft is put too death. The few survivors were scattered. Brierly lives in a cave because she has the outlawed feared power. In spite of knowing the danger of discovery,...
The Sea Lark's Song
Tor, Dec 2002, 27.95, 528 pp. ISBN: 0312874839 Her ancestors the Sh'ari were once highly welcomed in peace by the Allemani for their healing skills, but eventually fell out of grace and slaughtered by the same people they helped. Brierly Mefell has lived in a cave to remain safe in a world that would kill her if anyone learned she is the last of the Sh'ari. Following her saving the wife of the Earl of Melfallen, whose position includes a vow to...
Twilight Rising, Serpent's Dream
Tor, August 2004, 27.95, 496 pp ISBN 03122874820 When the Alemanii left their homeland and crossed the sea, they came to a land inhabited by Shari'a, a race of witches. At first the groups lived in harmony. In the next generation, the Alemanii lords committed genocide on the Shari'a so that today they are thought of as myths and legends to some recalcitrant children. Brierly thought she was the last Shari'a; when she was caught practicing he...