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Astrid discovers she is able to sense the thoughts and feelings of unicorns and she travels to France to work with a scientist to figure out how the mysterious remedy to unicorn venom works. Astrid is a unicorn hunter whose job is to slay dangerous, man-eating unicorns that wander into human cities and towns. In the first book of this Killer Unicorns series (Rampant), Astrid finds out she is a unicorn hunter and travels to Rome to join the Cloisters of C...
For Darkness Shows the Stars
The story is set in a world where many people are born "reduced" or mentally undeveloped as a by-product of genetic enhancement gone wrong and the world has been destroyed by war technology. These reduced are like simpletons used for slave labor and often locked into working on big family estates of non-reduced families. In the story, a new group of post-reduced (free Posts) or the rare children born from reduced parents that are perfectly capable of hig...
Rampant - Killer Unicorns 1
Astrid finds out that there are killer unicorns that exist on earth and that she is part of a long line of warriors destined to fight them. Astrid's mother is rather eccentric. She believes in extinct killer unicorns, something which Astrid has grown up hearing about. The story begins with 16 year old Astrid spending a nice romantic evening under the stars with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend has been pressuring her to "do it" with him. Astrid just hopes...