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Path of Fate
Roc, November 2003, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN 0451459504 Ever since she was a baby, abandoned by her mother all Reisil ever wanted was a place to call home. Growing up in Kallas, she was fostered to different families so that nobody would have to bear the burden of another mouth to feed for any extended periods. When Reisil is old enough, the village pays for her training as a healer and she hopes that they will want her to stay with them permanently....
Path of Honor
A year after accepting her new life as an ahalad-kaalslane, a sort of wandering priest or priestess who is telepathically linked with an animal, nothing seems to be going the way Reisil planned. The friends that she had made the years before were traveling, and her fellow ahalad-kaalslane are stand-offish and fearful. Most destressing, however, is that the Blessed Lady, the Goddess of Reisil's country, seems to have turned her back on the people. Few...