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Plume, Sep 2004, 14.00, 340 pp. ISBN: 0452285631 In Palo, Alto, California, Amy Hawkins made a fortune in the dot-com boom. Feeling she owes for her fortunate life, Amy decides to improve herself before doing good deeds. She heads to the Alps ski resort Hotel Croix St. Bernard in Valmeri, France where she plans to learn everything French in two weeks. The good deed surfaces when she pays for the return of dying publisher Adrian Venn, injured...
Lesser Lives
Lesser Lives discusses the life of Mary Ellen Meredith, wife of the novelist George Meredith and daughter of Thomas Love Peacock, her unhappy marriage, her love affair with the painter, Henry Wallis, and the child she had with him. The book also gives biographical sketches of Peacock, talking about his marriage in Whales, his wife's mental problems, and his long business career, Wallis, discussing his life after Mary Ellen's death, her daughter Edith b...