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Murder in Silverplate
Five Star, Nov 2004, 25.95, 269 pp. ISBN: 1594142602 The Standard Silver manufacturing company is shaken when Production Manager Frank Antonelli is found dead amongst the equipment. Detective Walter Henderson heads the initial official investigation, but knows he will be removed from the case because his estrange daughter Vicki Sanders is the Quality Control Manager at the plant. As Walter interviews everyone who could have had the opportuni...
Five Star, April 2004, 25.95, 268 pp. ISBN 1594141444 In the far distant future earth is just a memory as humanity has colonized countless worlds in numerous galaxies. One aspect of civilization remains the same: when there is people there is crime. The planet Tashista with its strict class system has bred a whole underground of millions of people engaging in some form of criminal activity. Crime and poverty abound in the Nashamata, the lowest...
Servants Of Chaos
Steve goes to Crayport to study why the waters there are so different from anywhere else. This little town does not like strangers and they do not welcome them. Steve notices that some of these people have really unusual hands. He is looking to buy property for the company he works for so they can build a place to do their study. No one will sell. In fact the one family who was willing to sell ended up dead. It turns out these people are hiding alie...