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Don't Call Me African American
The book is an autobiography of select events that shaped the author's life. "Don't Call Me African American" rejects the label of a black society who rejected the author for being "too white" and a "black nerd". Her upbringing in a small town in Kansas in the 70's were the grounds for loads of rejection because she would not riot against the white man and the establishment. It was during her years in the northeast--at college--that she began to blossom ...
Forgotten is a contemporary Christian novel about family, romance, and obsession. Sylvia Tandino is an amnesiac who is married to a wealthy, take charge man who adores her, but has made some terrible decisions regarding his wife that have caused her loss of memory. Robert Tandino has a lot of the answers she needs. But if he tells her the truth, she may leave him. Time is running out; Robert's business dealings take him close to the Mafia, and eventually...
The Green Moon
It's 2416. In this future, paper and sex have been outlawed for reasons of purity. All communication is accomplished through "mind effacers". All children are born with the help of a laboratory. Citizens communicate via government issued electronic devices. Native Americans have all land rights restored to them, and many are government officials. Shawnee Walters oversees the government run North American Mind Efface program, until the mysterious, odd tal...
The Last Lesson
Jaishree Pelham comes home one winter day to her husband's dead body. After being suspect by the police, she learns that someone else may have had a motive to kill her husband--her ex-lover, Tim Nancine, the father of her child. But she doesn't even know where he lives. Then Tim shows up out of the blue, knowing everything, and says he knows who killed her husband. When Tim offers to help prove her innocence, she isn't convinced that he's not involved, e...

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VetCop is the upbeat, hilarious first person account of Paul Conner, small town veterinarian turned cop. A policeman friend calls him to a murder scene one day. Three people have been stabbed, and Paul's job is to rescue a very valuable mynah bird at the crime scene. Within a day, he meets the bird's owner, the luscious Veronica Mason from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Together they confront an organization that specializes in stealing exotic an...

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