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Xing Xing is a small child who is coping with the recent death of her kind-hearted potter father. Her mother died years ago from illness, which forced her to live with the stepmother her Father had married with her Half-Sister Wing-Pei. The "Family" lives off selling what remains from Xing Xing's Father's collection of unsold pottery, Xing Xing fears she may be sold into slavery once the supply runs out as her step mother as threatened her with. Step Mo...
Daughter of Venice
Donata Mocenigo is a coming of age female ahead of her time. She leads a priviledged life in 16th Century Venice in which women like her live only for marriage, children and appearance. She has bright propects, for a women, but Donata is unhappy. She would love nothing more than to throw off the constraints of her gender-biased society. In Donata's world, women have very little access to education, even in the noble classes, but she craves this more...

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